June 2nd

Today is a holiday in Italy. It is the day that commemorates Italy becoming a republic. Somewhat like our Fourth of July. In Umbertide they celebrate with a dog show. No, it is not Westminster. The dogs and there were many of them are family pets, most of the indistinguishable breeds. Italians are just as … More June 2nd

Piazza April 25th

Across the street from our house in Umbertide is a piazza. It is an excellent place to walk to see people enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine. Recently I discovered the area is actually made up of two piazzas. The second one looks like a parking lot but upon inspection, this seemingly common … More Piazza April 25th

Learning to Relax

I am a list maker. I can’t get through my day-to-day life without them, experiencing an exquisite thrill as I check off each to-do. I am making progress. Therefore despite the fact that there is no time to do nothing, beauty abounds, and the culture encourages the art of enjoying the moment, I am somewhat … More Learning to Relax

Umbrian Winter

Coming to Italy while always special is now a regular part of our traveling. This is the first winter trip for both of us and it is the first time we have spent alone in our new home in Umbria. Unlike the summer, the “Green Heart of Italy” is wet, dark, and cold in winter. … More Umbrian Winter

Upward to San Marino

Tucked atop a mountain in central-eastern Italy is the tiny republic of San Marino. Considered to be the oldest republic in the world with a constitution dating back to 1243. The people of San Marino chose not to become part of a unified Italy in 1861 and Giuseppe Garibaldi honored their wishes. A winding road … More Upward to San Marino