The Rest of the Story, Scandinavian Road Trip

Leaving Copenhagen we headed to Gothenburg, Sweden spending two nights and doing a little bit of shopping and eating before we left for Oslo, Norway. An easy trip we followed major highways until reaching the capital city where a significant beautification project has most of the city center under construction. BUT despite that Oslo is … More The Rest of the Story, Scandinavian Road Trip

Roma, Italia

This was my third trip to the eternal city, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit. While the attitude of the people can be trying to Americans I find that if I drink, relax and take in the atmosphere,  it is a very special place indeed. Where else can you go … More Roma, Italia


For a mere 48 Euros, we decided to take a day bus trip to Switzerland. Beginning at 9:50, Mike and I climbed aboard an air-conditioned (rare in this area), comfortable bus with a tour guide in traditional Bavarian dress (lederhosen on a somewhat stocky man – not exactly Brad Pitt.)  The route took us to … More Switzerland