For a mere 48 Euros, we decided to take a day bus trip to Switzerland. Beginning at 9:50, Mike and I climbed aboard an air-conditioned (rare in this area), comfortable bus with a tour guide in traditional Bavarian dress (lederhosen on a somewhat stocky man – not exactly Brad Pitt.)  The route took us to Lindau on Lake Constance the largest lake in Germany down to Austria and west to Switzerland. We stopped in Zurich, which is a large banking city. The Swiss did not join the Euro system and operate with Swiss Francs which is annoying. They also have one of the most expensive economies so my shopping adventure turned out to be mostly window viewing. I did find a nice pair of hiking shoes and some books as well as one of the most chocolate pastries eaten on this trip yet but after two hours I was more than ready to get back on the bus. Zurich may be appreciated better by the rich and famous.

Next stop the Lindt chocolate factory outlet. We were able to purchase as much as we could hold which for us meant as much as our suitcases could hold. It was fun picking up flavors that I have never seen in the U.S..

After re-boarding the bus, we went around some awe-inspiring mountain vistas with lakes, trees, and meadows. I tried to quickly capture it all through the bus window and was somewhat unsuccessful.
The group passed on through the principality of Lichtenstein another very wealthy area. It is always enjoyable to see and learn new things but I appreciate the tiny quaintness of Oberstaufen to the grandness of Switzerland.

We ended the evening at a local rathaus where no one spoke English. I pulled out my iPhone and used the translator app. After a painstaking time of trying to interpret the menu, I chose rump steak (not really sure what I would get). The waiter stopped by several times and Mike attempted to get him to understand what I was doing. He looked at my choice and shook his head appearing to say that they were out of it. The whole restaurant broke into laughter – apparently, a stray pair of Americans is worth observing. Oh well, I quickly ordered schnitzel and fries and moved on. Perhaps another night I will find out what rump steak is.

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