June 2nd

Today is a holiday in Italy. It is the day that commemorates Italy becoming a republic. Somewhat like our Fourth of July. In Umbertide they celebrate with a dog show. No, it is not Westminster.

The dogs and there were many of them are family pets, most of the indistinguishable breeds. Italians are just as foolish over their dogs as Americans. You can find many families out and about walking their dogs in the early evening, even during winter.

The piazza was filled with dogs of every size and shape acting like well, dogs. In fact, during their waiting time in the corral, one competitor decided that he needed to show who was boss and got a bit ugly. Others tried to hold their own with him until eventually the show-off was moved to a corner. The owners got a workout just keeping the pets entertained. I watched for about an hour and the show was still going on when I left.

I am not sure what it takes to win but everyone seemed to be having a good time.

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