Historic Rains

The temperatures are in the nineties. Sunshine fills the crevices in the piazza and it is difficult to remember that four of our five weeks in Europe were cold, windy, and most of rainy.

June of 2013 brought record flooding to areas of Austria, Germany, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. We spent our first day in Germany visiting a tenth-century Monastery. The cavernous rooms weren’t suited to warmth. Umbrellas went up and down as we paraded through churches, synagogues, castles, and shopping areas on subsequent days.

On one of the few pleasant respites we had during this time, our host in the Rheingau invited us to a favorite place along the river to sip wine and watch the recently born goslings. When we returned to this same area two weeks later, the geese had taken residence across the street, daring vehicles to cross through the water-soaked highways. The following photos show some of the effects of the unprecedented precipitation.

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